The Man Who Put Al-Qaeda on the Web

Like radar in the last century, the Internet is a radical new tool that is helping to redefine the dimensions of warfare. For al-Qaeda, the shadowy terrorist organization behind 9/11, the Net is helping it to be everywhere … and nowhere.


Noise or No Noise

Can background music make you smarter?
The more you can concentrate with background noise, the more it strengthens the brain. Isaac Asimov used to set his typewriter up in stores and other loud places to work. His claim was that you get really good at writing when you’re in a crowd. You want to be energized by that background noise, rather than distracted.


US Military Closing Cheyenne Mountain Facility

The military is virtually closing the secretive defense complex carved into Cheyenne Mountain that for decades has monitored North American skies for threats, a newspaper reported.

The Denver Post reported late Thursday that the North American Aerospace Defense Command operations center will be moved to nearby Peterson Air Force Base, which is home to the U.S. Northern Command created after the Sept. 11 attacks.