Scared Skinny

f you’ve tried every diet ever created without success, you might finally be in luck. The Glenn Beck Program has created “Scared Skinny? a revolutionary diet that relies on the one fear we all share: complete and total public humiliation.

With Scared Skinny there are no rules, no points to count, no mandatory exercise. You simply take a few photos of yourself wearing “revealing? outfits, send them to us, and then meet your goal weight or risk having your photos exposed to hundreds of thousands of people.


Yep, life’ll burst that self-esteem bubble

Sobel, the mother of 16-year-old twins in Sherman Oaks, Calif., says they could tell “what was real and what was fake,” even when very young. “I was tired of going to the sports field and seeing moms say, ‘Great job at going up to bat.’ It hit me early on that kids could see through inane compliments.”

Those often-empty phrases, however, raised a generation. Kids born in the ’70s and ’80s are now coming of age. The colorful ribbons and shiny trophies they earned just for participating made them feel special. But now, in college and the workplace, observers are watching them crumble a bit at the first blush of criticism.


Amazing Home Video Arcade

The gameroom encompasses two large rooms. The main gameroom has blacklight carpeting and overhead black lighting. The room is divided into two sections, with a total square footage of approximately 500 sq.ft. The main section is 19′ x 18′, and a railed elevated section measures 22′ x 7′. The extended gameroom is about 11′ x 26′ (286 sq.ft.) and has checkered vinyl flooring and rope lighting.


Inside the Ferrari Factory

F430s rolling off the line

Maranello, Italy – Walk through the Ferrari factory towards the end of the working day – its hours are like regular office hours, Monday through Friday – and it can seem almost like you’re in Willy Wonka’s candy factory. On the line where they make V8-engined F430s, young workers in full Ferrari-red regalia circle around their work stations, smiles on their faces, and a tune whistling from their lips.


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