Open Source Software Defined Ham Radio Receiver Up And Running!

Tonight I was able to fire up for the first time the receive portion of my HPSDR, a GNU-type open source software defined HF radio. I was able to hear WWV on 15Mhz, and some folks on the 20m maritime net on 14.300. Pretty cool!

I ordered a Penelope exciter board too, but TAPR shipped me an Ozy by mistake — I didn’t realize it until I opened the box today. Hopefully they’ll find me one.

Some more pics (iPhone, not great quaility) of the fun after the jump…

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Samsung 2443BWX – 24″ LCD – Awesome!

I just got a new toy today at Costco.. a 24″ Samsung widescreen LCD monitor. This is by far the largest monitor I’ve ever had at home, and my goodness is it crazy awesome!

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Diary of a Self-Help Dropout: Flirting With the 4-Hour Workweek

My days are like eBay shipments: a few tangible things and a whole lot of packing peanuts. I obviously need help being the boss of me. So I decided to try an experiment: I'd spend two weeks absorbing, in succession, three well-known productivity systems and see if I could find one that worked for those of us who count income in 1099s instead of W-2s. I already owned David Allen's Getting Things Done; Gina Trapani, editor of the blog Lifehacker, further recommended Julie Morgenstern's Never Check E-Mail in the Morning and Timothy Ferriss' The 4-Hour Workweek. That made three, and three examples is all you need for a magazine article.

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Duplicate-free TV show RSS feeds.. cool.

What if you could automatically download the latest episode of your favorite TV-show? You can use any of our TV-show RSS Feeds, and add them to your favorite BitTorrent program. These RSS feeds are filtered, and contain no duplicates. You get the correct file, without hassle.

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Nix fixes dependency hell on all Linux distributions

A next-generation package manager called Nix provides a simple distribution-independent method for deploying a binary or source package on different flavours of Linux, including Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Fedora, and Red Hat. Even better, Nix does not interfere with existing package managers. Unlike existing package managers, Nix allows different versions of software to live side by side, and permits sane rollbacks of software upgrades. Nix is a useful system administration tool for heterogeneous environments and developers who write software supported on different libraries, compilers, or interpreters.

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